Collection: Clear Quartz For Healing

Quartz is aĀ master healerĀ that willĀ align all of your chakras. ItĀ clears negative energy, includingĀ theĀ electromagnetic fogĀ that fillsĀ our homes.

Quartz is also anĀ amplifyingĀ stone. It will enhance theĀ properties of the crystals around itĀ and always gives back moreĀ energy than you put in. ThisĀ makes itĀ an excellent choice forĀ crystal grids.

If you'reĀ just beginningĀ yourĀ journey with crystals, clear quartzĀ isĀ my first recommendation. It's soĀ versatile!Ā And it can even work as aĀ substitute for other crystals in yourĀ practice.

There's nothing quite as magicalĀ as the pure bright energy thatĀ resides within this natural beauty!

Chakra: Primary is Crown but good for All

Mohs Hardness: 6-7

Zodiac: All

Planet: Sun

Element: All

Birthstone: April

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