Collection: Crystal Bracelets

Quality crystal bracelets are offered in small, medium, and large. Each stretch bracelet is created with intention.

We offer a large variety of single-stone and mixed-stone crystal bracelets. Our options may include

  • rose quartz
  • smokey quartz
  • amethyst
  • amazonite
  • lepidolite
  • rhodochrosite
  • rhodonite
  • bloodstone
  • kambaba
  • malachite
  • seraphinite
  • bumble bee jasper
  • blue lace agate
  • selenite
  • tigers eye
  • and more

 Why are crystal bracelets so popular?

  • Crystal bracelets make it easy to keep your crystals with you.
  • Crystal bracelets make a circle that encircles you. It's like wrapping yourself up in the crystal's energy!
  • PLUS they're pretty and fun to stack!

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