Flower Agate Moons
Flower Agate Moons
Flower Agate Moons
Flower Agate Moons

Flower Agate Moons

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  • Small which is approximately 1 1/2"-2" from point to point
  • Medium which is approximately 3" from point to point
  • Large which is approximately 3 3/4" from point to point

This gorgeous stone was first found in 2018 in Madagascar and has quickly become a favorite of collectors and healers all over the world.

The “flowers” are made from chalcedony inclusions that burst out into beautiful petals.

It is a stone of growth and manifestation that illuminates your purpose and protects you from the darkness.

  • Meditate with a piece of flower agate on your heart chakra to release old wounds and be open to the loving energies of the universe.
  • Carry a piece with you to be inspired and make your dreams a reality.

Chakras: Heart and Root

Planets: Venus and Earth

Zodiac: Virgo

Mohs Hardness: 7

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Care Instructions: Avoid water and full sunlight

Flower Agate Moons
Flower Agate Moons