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Green Fluorite Crystal Sphere

Green Fluorite Crystal Sphere

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Bring the beauty and calming energy of nature into your home with this mesmerizing green fluorite crystal sphere.


 - Stunning translucent green color emulates the vibrant hues found in nature

- Polished to a smooth, flawless sphere that refracts light in dazzling patterns

- Promotes inner peace, emotional healing, and spiritual growth


 This crystal sphere makes a gorgeous home accent that radiates gentle, stabilizing energy. The translucent green color is calming and refreshing, evoking the life force of plants, trees, and nature. Place it on a desk, shelf, or table to enjoy its soothing presence. Fluorite also promotes mental clarity and focus when you need to get things done.


 Gift this sphere to a friend going through challenging times or anyone looking to invite more tranquility into their home. The healing properties of fluorite will aid them on their journey toward inner peace and spiritual growth.

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