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Green Strawberry Quartz Crystal Sphere

Green Strawberry Quartz Crystal Sphere

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Let your spirit bloom with the springtime glow of this green strawberry quartz crystal sphere.


- Polished to a smooth, flawless finish

- Vibrant opaque green coloration with sparkling accents

- Activates the heart chakra, encouraging love and harmony

- Perfect for feng shui, crystal grids, and meditative practices 


The restorative hue of this sphere evokes images of nature's renewal. Use its vitalizing energy to refresh your mind, body and soul. Strawberry quartz resonates at the heart chakra, the center of love and human connection. Keep this uplifting crystal nearby to awaken compassion, forgiveness, and joy within relationships. 


For those seeking an enlightening focal piece, this green quartz sphere makes a meaningful addition to any room. Place it on your nightstand, bookshelf, or office to invite its revitalizing vibes into your space. Allow its healing properties to wash over you with each glance.

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