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Honey Calcite Crystal Sphere

Honey Calcite Crystal Sphere

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Bring peace and tranquility into your home with the Honey Calcite Crystal Sphere. This stunning 55-58 mm sphere harnesses the healing energy of calcite to cleanse negative energy and promote relaxation. 


- Made from pure honey calcite crystals to amplify calming vibes

- Polished into a perfect sphere to radiate its energy in all directions  

- Cleanses and recharges other crystals in your collection

- Elevates spaces with its warm, golden-orange hue


Allow the Honey Calcite Sphere to wash over you with its soothing and stabilizing effects. It gently releases feelings of anxiety, anger, and fear to make way for inner peace. Place it in your bedroom, office, or meditation space to transform the energy.  


If you're looking to invite more zen into your life, this crystal sphere has your name all over it. Its calming powers help temper volatile emotions, reduce stress, and quiet a restless mind. Bring your home into harmony with the help of this powerful honey calcite formation.

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