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Howlite Crystal Point

Howlite Crystal Point

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Transform your home with the soothing energy of this Natural Howlite Crystal Point. With its natural four-sided tower shape standing 3.5 inches tall, it makes a meaningful addition to any crystal collection. 


- Known for its calming and stabilizing properties

- Helps to dispel anger and negativity 

- Promotes emotional balance


This pure white crystal is ideal for defusing stress, anger, and anxiety. The gentle vibrations of howlite bring your mind and emotions into a more relaxed state. Place it in a room where you want to cultivate tranquility. Let its subtle energy wash over you and melt away negative emotions.  


Bring the gift of inner peace into your life or the life of someone close to you. With its ability to absorb anger, this Natural Howlite Crystal Point helps create a harmonious home environment. Display it proudly as a reminder to stay centered.



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