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Moss Agate Crystal Tower

Moss Agate Crystal Tower

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Rise above life's grief with the majestic Natural Moss Agate Crystal Tower. This mesmerizing 4-sided stone tower stands 5 inches tall and weighs a substantial 233 grams. 


- Gorgeous natural banded patterns in mossy greens and earthy browns

- Handcrafted from 100% natural moss agate

- Weighs 233 grams and measures 5 inches tall  

- Stunning 4-sided tower design refracts light


Soothe sadness and release guilt with the gentle healing vibration of moss agate. Believed to aid the grieving process, this Moss Agate Tower brings comfort and hope after loss. Its earthy beauty creates a serene space for contemplation and spiritual growth. 


Give the gift of solace with this unique Moss Agate Crystal Tower. Perfect for altars, meditation spaces, and anyone moving through grief's shadowed valleys into light. Let its natural power lift your loved one's spirit.



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