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Ruby Zoisite Crystal Sphere

Ruby Zoisite Crystal Sphere

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Immerse yourself in the beautiful color energies of this Ruby Zoisite sphere. 


Ruby imparts vigor, strength and detoxification while Zoisite activates the heart chakra, enhancing creativity, confidence and courage. Together, they provide the perfect combination to spark passion and drive positive transformation.


- Exquisitely polished 60mm sphere 

- Promotes vitality, passion and creativity

- Ideal for crystal healing, meditation, and feng shui


If you're ready to ignite your inner fire and pursue your purpose with gusto, this exceptional Ruby and Zoisite point belongs with you. Display it prominently to infuse your space with uplifting energy and motivation. Let its beauty and power fan the flames of your potential.


If you're seeking to inject more passion, creativity and joy into your life, this crystal sphere is the perfect companion. Place it on your desk, altar or meditation space and let its high-vibration energies infuse your life with positive change.

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