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Septarian Crystal Point 4 inches

Septarian Crystal Point 4 inches

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This septarian crystal point weighs 145 grams and measures approximately 4 inches tall.

Septarian crystal is composed of Aragonite, Calcite and Limestone. It was formed during the Cretaceous period and is now found primarily in Utah (US) and Madagascar.

Septarian crystal activates your root chakra and can also be used for:

  • Inner awakening
  • Protecting your aura
  • Reconnecting you with the earth
  • Tapping into past life memories
  • Enhancing your dreams
  • Aiding ancestral work

Listen closely and this crystal will whisper words of ancient wisdom. 

It will connect you with your past, with OUR past and guide you into the arms of the great mother earth.

Septarian crystal will move you to remember who you are so you may step sure footed into the future!



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