The Stress Less Holiday Bundle

The Stress Less Holiday Bundle

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Are you worried about juggling the upcoming holidays? 


Because your uncle Bob hates your cousin Sheila who still holds a grudge against Grandma... 


And Grandma keeps not so subtly hinting that you should "settle down already"... 




Was the turkey supposed to go on 400 or 375? 😬 


It's enough to give anyone a full-blown panic attack! 


But what if... 


  • You could have a clear plan of action?
  • You could have a tangible anchor to keep you centered?
  • You could have REAL support?
  • You could have a lifeline?! 


And then... 


You could actually ENJOY your holiday. 


You could experience the moments that become tomorrow's fond memories. 


Wouldn't that be amazing?! 


Here's what we're offering... 


  • A full one-hour session with your very own clarity coach who will help you tackle all the tricky parts of your large family or business gatherings 
  • A calming talisman that will ground you in your center and anchor you to your plan 
  • AND a serene centerpiece to keep negative emotions off your table. 


These personalized bundles are available for $125. 


Only a limited number of spots are available! Don’t miss out!

Don't forget about your stressed-out loved ones... 


Order a bundle as a gift or simply share this offer with your friends and family so they can de-stress their holidays too. 🙂

So, to recap...

You get...

A one-hour coaching session with Lani

A satin spar selenite moon bowl

Amazonite chips (for the bowl)

And a hand-crafted hematite pendant.

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