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Radiant Energy Stretchy Selenite Bracelet - 8mm Beads for Spiritual Clarity and Upliftment

Radiant Energy Stretchy Selenite Bracelet - 8mm Beads for Spiritual Clarity and Upliftment

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  Embrace the Light: Stretchy Selenite Bracelet

Unveil the magic of pure, luminous energy with our Stretchy Selenite Bracelet. Each 8mm bead, meticulously crafted from selenite, radiates a serene glow, embodying the essence of moonlight captured in stone. This bracelet is more than just an accessory; it's a beacon of clarity and a tool for spiritual awakening.

Selenite is renowned for its gentle yet powerful ability to cleanse and uplift the spirit. With every wear, you'll feel its soothing energy wash over you, dissolving negativity and enhancing mental clarity. It's the perfect companion for anyone seeking to align their energy and connect with higher realms.

Designed for comfort and ease, our stretchy bracelet adapts effortlessly to your wrist, making it an ideal piece for daily wear. Whether you're meditating, working, or simply going about your day, let this bracelet serve as a constant reminder of your inner light and boundless potential.

Step into your power and illuminate your path with our Stretchy Selenite Bracelet. Let it be a symbol of your journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth. Embrace the light within you and shine bright, beautiful soul.


  • Bead Size:  8mm selenite beads
  • Benefits:  Cleanses and uplifts the spirit, enhances mental clarity, dissolves negativity
  • Design:  Stretchy for a comfortable and adaptable fit
  • Usage:  Ideal for daily wear, meditation, and spiritual practice
  • Energy:  Connects you with higher realms and your inner light

Use and Care:

  • Daily Wear:   Suitable for everyday use. Keep your bracelet close to benefit from its soothing energy throughout the day.
  • Cleaning:  Gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid water, as selenite is a soft mineral and can be damaged by moisture.
  • Recharging:  Place under the light of the full moon or near a piece of clear quartz to recharge its energy.
  • Storage:  Store in a dry, safe place away from other harder gemstones to prevent scratches.

Sizing Guide:

Our stretchy bracelets are designed for comfort and flexibility, but finding the right fit is essential for durability and enjoyment. Wearing a bracelet that's too tight, with gaps between the beads, can cause extra wear on the stringing material and shorten its lifespan. Conversely, a bracelet that's too loose might fall off and get lost.

We offer standard sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. If you typically find that most bracelets in stores fit you well, a Medium is your best bet. If they usually feel a bit big, opt for a Small. If they tend to be too snug, go for a Large.

These sizes are based on standard women's measurements. If you have a very large or very small wrist, please contact me for custom sizing. I'm happy to create a bracelet just for you, as long as I have the beads in stock.


Illuminate your journey with the serene energy of selenite and step confidently into your spiritual power.



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