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Crystal Suncatcher

Crystal Suncatcher

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Illuminate your space with our enchanting Crystal Suncatcher, a bewitching fusion of artistry and protection. Handcrafted with hammered wire shaped into a captivating eye, this suncatcher features a center adorned with an aura-coated Black Kyanite fan nestled in intricately detailed brown polymer clay. Dangling below, a Gold Sheen Obsidian bead and a glass crystal Hamsa Hand create a mesmerizing dance of energies.

Key Features:

  • Guardian Eye Design: Crafted with care, the hammered wire forms an eye symbolizing protection and insight, while the aura-coated Black Kyanite fan enhances its mystical allure.
  • Polymer Clay Elegance: The brown polymer clay, adorned with gold vine-like designs, cradles the Black Kyanite, adding an earthy touch to this witchy decor piece.
  • Dangling Energies: A Gold Sheen Obsidian bead and a glass crystal Hamsa Hand dangle at the base, combining the protective properties of obsidian with the ancient symbolism of the Hamsa for added safeguarding.

Crystals for Protection:

  • Black Kyanite: Known for its shielding properties, Black Kyanite forms a protective barrier, deflecting negativity and promoting a safe, harmonious environment.
  • Gold Sheen Obsidian: This powerful crystal absorbs and transforms negative energies, offering grounding and shielding properties to enhance protection.

Witchy Decor with Symbolic Significance: Hang this Crystal Suncatcher near your front door for a touch of witchy decor that not only captivates with its mysterious charm but also shields your home. The Hamsa Hand, known for its protective symbolism, complements the eye, creating a potent talisman against the unseen.

Illuminate, Protect, Enchant: Measuring approximately 5.5 inches, our Crystal Suncatcher is more than just a decor piece – it's a guardian of energies. Elevate your space with its protective embrace, and let the magic unfold. Bring home this bewitching blend of art and mysticism today!



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