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Lepidolite Crystal Rod of Asclepius

Lepidolite Crystal Rod of Asclepius

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Feel the transformative energy of the Lepidolite Crystal Rod of Asclepius.


- Stunning purple lepidolite snake coiled around a rod, representing healing and renewal


- Calms anxiety, reduces stress, promotes emotional balance 


- Meaningful for spiritual seekers, crystal healers and those seeking inner peace


Harness the healing potential of lepidolite and embody the spirit of Asclepius with this distinctive crystal rod. Its serpentine form brings the regenerative power of the snake, while the rod honors the medicinal staff of Asclepius. Place it on your altar or meditation space and let its peaceful energy restore your sense of balance and tranquility. The perfect gift for crystal healing enthusiasts and spiritual seekers looking to invite restorative energies into their life.




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