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Moss Agate Crystal Point 5.25 Inches

Moss Agate Crystal Point 5.25 Inches

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Escape into a landscape of natural serenity with this moss agate stone tower. 


- Six-sided tower handcrafted from genuine moss agate

- Tower measures 5.25 inches tall and weighs over half a pound  

- Features mesmerizing earth tones like purple, blue and green


The intricate patterns and soothing colors of this tower create a haven of tranquility in your home. Its grounding vibrations make it the perfect meditation aid for crystal healers and spiritual seekers. 


Bring home this exceptional moss agate tower and immerse yourself in its mystical energy. With its vibrant shades of purple, blue and green, this tower will inspire a sense of inner calm and uplift your spirit.

Moss agate is said to be a stone of new beginnings. Helping you to transmute your past emotional trauma and gently walk you forward into a prosperous life.



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