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Amazonite & Smokey Quartz Crystal Point

Amazonite & Smokey Quartz Crystal Point

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Feel a sense of zen wash over you with this Natural Amazonite & Smokey Quartz Crystal Point. Crafted into a harmonious 6-sided point, it combines the soothing green hues of amazonite with earthy smokey quartz inclusions. 


- Perfectly polished for a smooth, glossy finish

- Amazonite promotes calm and relieves stress

- Smokey quartz provides grounding and strength

- Point shape emits energy in all directions 


This crystal invites peace and relaxation into your life. Amazonite's soothing vibes calm frazzled nerves and quiet your worried mind. Smokey quartz lends grounding energy to help you stay centered and strong. 


Ideal for crystal healers, spiritual seekers, and anyone in need of tranquility. Display this Amazon rainforest-inspired crystal point in your home or office as a reminder to breathe deeply, let go of tension, and find your inner calm. Its soothing energies will infuse your space with a sense of zen.



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