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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point

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Feel an instant sense of calm with this breathtaking 3.25 inch Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point. Its deep blue hue accented with sparkling inclusions will mesmerize you.


- Stunning royal blue color with eye-catching pyrite flecks

- Boosts wisdom, intuition, and communication 

- Alleviates anxiety, depression, and brings inner peace


For those seeking a crystal that promotes harmony and self-expression, this Lapis point is an excellent choice. Place it on your nightstand to access its energy when you sleep, or use it in meditation to open your third eye and throat chakras. Its tranquilizing properties will put your mind at ease.  


Let this Lapis Lazuli point guide you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Its soothing vibes help you cut through illusions to access your highest truth and wisdom within. You'll feel more centered, calm, and connected.



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