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Pink Calcite Crystal Sphere

Pink Calcite Crystal Sphere

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Capture the calming energy of the universe in the palm of your hand with this mesmerizing Pink Calcite Crystal Sphere. 


- Beautiful 57 mm sphere polished to a smooth, glossy finish

- Promotes emotional balance, inner peace, and unconditional love  

- Enhances meditation, creativity, and intuition

- Perfect size for altars, desks, windowsills, or holding during yoga and meditation


With its gentle pink hue, this crystal sphere radiates soothing and comforting vibrations. Place it in your environment to invite more self-love, relaxation, and acceptance into your life. Keep it close by when you need to unwind from stress or connect to your inner wisdom.  


Pink Calcite spheres are ideal for crystal healing enthusiasts and spiritual seekers who want to amplify positive intentions. Display it proudly as an inspiring symbol of hope, optimism, and gentle strength. Let its soft pink glow fill your space with uplifting energy today.

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