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Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere

Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere

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Attract love and harmony into your life with this Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere. 


 - Polished 86mm genuine rose quartz sphere 

- Promotes forgiveness, compassion and soothing heart energy

- Radiates a pink aura that comforts and nurtures the spirit  

- Perfect for self love, relationships and emotional healing


 With its stunning pink color and flawless smooth form, this rose quartz sphere is a work of art. More than beautiful, it emanates vibrations that comfort, heal and open your heart. Known as the "love stone", rose quartz helps dissolve painful memories, anger and resentment, making room for new, positive love to enter your life. Whether you need more self-love and inner peace or want to restore tenderness in a relationship, this sphere has you covered.

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